Hi! I’m Michał Szafarski. I’ve been developing frontend solutions already for more than 10 years, and for at least 6 years I’ve been focusing on developing Angular applications. I’ve been mostly doing projects for big corporation that affects a lot of people. Until now I’ve been lurking in the web seeking for knowledge that I needed in my daily job. I read a lot of blogs, stackoverflow answers  and articles. Now I decided that I should pay this debt and share the knowledge that I gathered with you. 

I started my frontend adventure with AngularJS and move to Angular when it was in release candidate version. I’m also really fascinated in redux and microfrontend architecture trying to utilize it in my projects. I will try to show you architectural patterns that I have been using and also show reasoning that was behind it. In the web there is a lot of blogs that is showing you how to code, but here I want rather focus how to do it with style! 

In my posts I will not want to show you how to just do something but to do it in most elegant way possible. I really believe that it makes a difference. That our code is our signature for which we should be proud of. Our clients just need a working solution. Usually they don’t care how it is written, if it is working correctly. They don’t have to understand topics like scalability or maintainability. This is our mission to show them that this is really worth an effort.  And I strongly believe that such approach can come back to us. It’s really rare to come to new project that is written in good style. Which is utilizing design and architecture patterns. Which is easy to read and understand. I will try to show you how to create such project, or how to transform your project in one that you can be proud of.